You & I


Product Details

Edition: Relief Artwork - Limited Edition of 10

Medium: Hand-painted textured acrylic on wood withrawTasmanian Oak Frame. Each relief is unique, and texture will therefore vary.

Framed Size: 920mm x 620mm

Year Completed: 2021


There’s something strange, almost unreal, about the current state of the world. Homogenous, polarizing, oppressively divisive. It feels unnatural because it is. Human nature, and life for that matter, is full of contradictions. Absolutes eliminate the nuance and individuality of our human experience. In a world that feels so full, in which we are stretched thin beyond our limits, the allure of ‘all-or-nothing’ stances is easy to understand. With so much vying for our attention, we simply do not have the time to flesh something out, to explore the subtleties. From a survival standpoint, snap decisions probably determined life or death. But with all the comforts of the modern world, including the distinct lack of dinosaurs and large prey animals, one must beg the question – why are we still making such rash judgements? What is the anecdote to this rigidity?


Drawing from Yin-Yang, the complex relational concept of Chinese culture, in which two seemingly oppositional forces are contained within a circle, we are presented with the idea that everything contains the seed of its opposite. Dark and light, matter and emptiness, life and death. Opposite, yet complementary.

In holding space for two opposing forces, we can see the inherent relativity. In accepting simultaneous existence, embracing the universe’s natural flow, division falls away. Suddenly, the possibility of transformation, creation, and compassion opens up. Everything is relative, capable of change. Our world would be a much kinder place if we understood that about ourselves and one another.

About the artist

Sureen Gouws

Sureen Gouws is a South African-born abstract artist living on the Mornington Peninsula near Melbourne. After working as an architect for over a decade, Sureen migrated to Australia in 2018 with her husband and young daughters, simultaneously starting a career in art.’

Sureen approaches her art more as wall sculptures than paintings due to the main influence of her architectural design background. Her monochromatic wall reliefs explore the unique three-dimensional shapes created by layering circular geometries and the inherent energy they embody. In her work circles are symbols representing totality, wholeness, flowing energy and timelessness.

She also examines the interplay between light and shadow, and how it influences the perception of her works. By only using a single colour, the emphasis falls on the shadows created by the different shapes and their compositions. The artwork’s response to the changing light in its environment offers the viewer a unique perspective every time.

Sureen’s works are constructed from layers of timber and hand-painted with textural paint. It is finished in subtle neutral colours that give the works a soft tactile and warm minimalistic character. The beauty lies in the balance between the clean lines of the wood and the uneven hand paint textures. It gives each artwork a soul of its own.


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