Marblo by Markian

By Markian


Unique to Markian is the Marblo by Markian material. Marblo by Markian represents our belief in endless design possibilities through alternative, sustainable materials. A notable feat in challenging familiar materials, this solid surface is a result of our innovative production process and daring spirit. Featuring nine colourways and a variety of options, Marblo by Markian is unlike any other.

A polymer-based hybrid ‘Solid Surface material’ invented in 1979, Marblo® was originally created to provide new levels of performance in laboratory and kitchen benchtop applications. Today their products are used in a myriad of residential, commercial, retail, and hospitality environments.   

At the launch of Marblo® materials, their maxim was and to this day remains “Freedom of Imagination”. By way of ongoing research and product development, day-by-day, they are coming closer to attaining this aim.

All Marblo® materials enjoy extended life-of-use as compared to most interior materials. Marblo® can be easily repaired and refinished back to its original condition, reducing the need to replace or dispose of it. It can also be removed, re-cut and either reinstalled as a new design or seamlessly reworked into new products, reducing demand for virgin materials and reducing waste.

Marblo® sheet materials and cured adhesives all have low-VOC (volatile organic compound) content, are low-emitting, and are non-toxic and non-allergenic to humans.