Issey - Linen Gown

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Timeless elegance. Remarkably Markian.

The Issey Linen Gown design takes its cue from the traditional Japanese kimono, which translates as ‘thing to wear’ – and if there were ever a thing to wear, this would be it! The perfect bathroom or wardrobe addition made from 100% pure linen. A timeless choice that will last for years and soften and gain character with age and use. 

It’s loose unisex design features generous sleeves and tie-around sash. Linen, one of the oldest used fibres in the world, has long been admired for its beautiful drape and natural lustre, but it’s the soft feel and texture to skin that is linen fabric’s main allure. Lightweight and breathable, linen never clings to the body. It is cool and absorbent, and you’ll never feel clammy when wrapped in linen. 

Designed Woven & Made in South Africa 


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