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Sculptural, unique, and functional: exactly what you can expect from Markian.

Reminiscent of Australian paperbark trees, Henri towers above the rest. Spindly and imperfect, these vases are perfectly accented when juxtaposed against the smooth edges of our furniture. Henri can hold tall flowers and greenery but makes just as much of a statement on its own. 



Small Vase: 360mm 

Medium Vase: 410mm 

Large Vase: 440mm 

550-600mm Diameter


Product Care

All pieces are food & dishwasher safe; however, they are delicate, so please handle them with care. We recommend handwashing. 


Kim Aitken's pieces are mainly handbuilt. Handbuilding, the earliest known method of creating ceramics, is a technique in which one forms clay with hands and simple tools. This technique ensures each piece that Kim creates is unique and maintains an organic and tactile quality. Once the design and creation are finalised, the pieces are glazed and fired at 1240 degrees and are fully functional. 

Slipcast ceramic 

Slipcasting is the process of pouring liquid clay, known as slip, into a plaster mould to produce a clay object or a casting. The plaster absorbs moisture from the casting slip, which creates a layer of firmed clay around the interior of the mould. This layer is then released from the mould as a 3D object that reflects the interior details of the mould. 



Australian Midfire clay is used in the Kim Aitken by Markian range.



Kim Aitken is an Australian ceramicist living and working in Brisbane.

"I am a ceramic artist, a maker of pots with a studio practice in the beautiful bay area of Brisbane. I have been working with clay for over 12 years and still find it a creative challenge that inspires me. Well executed work that maintains the hand of the maker is a fundamental aspect of my artistic process.

I work with Australian Midfire clay using slipcast and hand-building techniques. Each piece may be organic in shape but is made with functionality and strength in mind and has a tactile quality while still being useful.

It is my hope that each piece is a celebration of our wonderful Australian lifestyle and brings a considered aesthetic to the homes it may go to."