Glass Straws - 4 Pack

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Constructed from borosilicate glass. An environmentally friendly and economical alternative to plastic. Would you believe that enough plastic straws are produced annually to fill over 46,000 full-sized buses! Each time you use a reusable glass straw it means one less plastic straw ends up in landfills or in our precious oceans. Plastic straws are always in the top 10% of items collected during beach clean-ups.

Perfect for sipping cocktails/smoothies/juices and your other favourite drinks. Includes a brush for hassle-free cleaning. Glass straws taste neutral, look stylish, and are perfect for smoothies, juices, or if you have trouble eating solid food. 

Hand wash only.

Product Details

Medium: Original hand-painted artwork in mixed media on timber, framed in raw Tasmanian oak.

Dimensions: 620mm x 620mm

About the artist

b. Pretoria, South Africa
Lives and works in Mornington Peninsula, Victoria/

Thomas is an abstract artist from the Mornington Peninsula with a background as architect.

His minimalist works are explorations of geometric abstraction and draws inspiration from his architectural and design background. He is intrigued by the relationship between viewer and artwork and the emotional response that non-objective shape, composition and colour evokes.

His approach to art is intuitive and experimental. His works comprise mixed media compositions incorporating various materials including wood and metal.