Dion - Hooded Baby Towel

$30.00 $60.00
By Mungo

Luxury and comfort. Remarkably Markian.

There’s nothing quite like a clean baby swaddled in a crisp white towel, right? The Interlace Hooded Baby Towel is made for just that. A corner flap fits neatly over your little one’s head and ears, leaving the rest of the towel to tuck all the way around. 

The textured cotton gives it a classic finish and added absorbency – making it a no-fuss must-have for your newborn. 

About the Collaboration

Mungo are a GOTS-certified homeware textile company based in South Africa. Their mission is to create heirloom-quality woven goods with integrity in an open and transparent manner.

Mungo’s mission is to provide a product of exceptional quality and beauty while providing employment and skills development to the local community. This is something they strive to do in a non-industrial environment.

Together they are working to not only create a great product but also opportunities in skills and job creation, social responsibility and an impact on their local economy – all in an authentic and meaningful way.

Materials & Care

95cm x 95cm


"The way I encourage people to use clothes is to amplify their own identity. And that's what I'm trying to encourage with the types of products that I design." - Dion Lee

Dion Lee is a designer brand hailing from Sydney, Australia, established in 2009 by its eponymous Creative Director. Renowned for experimental construction combined with traditional tailoring, the brand has pioneered a modern identity for Australian fashion.

Born in 1985, Lee debuted at Australian Fashion Week in 2009 after graduating from Sydney Institute of Technology the prior year. Lee was the first designer to stage a runway presentation at the Sydney Opera House in 2010. The morning presentation captured the optimism and youthful spirit of the Australian brand and was followed with international acclaim and commercial support from retailers in Australia and abroad.

The Dion Lee aesthetic is technical with an intelligent sensuality. Each collection marries innovative construction, with a consciousness of the form. Textiles are engineered to form sculptural embellishments.  Architectural silhouettes are dissected to enhance movement and the flow of air and light. 

After debuting at Australia Fashion Week, Dion Lee presented collections in London before relocating to New York, where the brand has become a permanent fixture on the seasonal schedule. 

In early 2013, Dion Lee announced that iconic Australian fashion brand, Cue Clothing Company, had acquired a shareholding in the Dion Lee business.