Abloh - Oil Burner / Object

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Refined, luxurious, and functional: exactly what you can expect from Markian. 

Crafted from solid brass, the Abloh oil burner is a stylish and sculptural way to gently diffuse your favourite fragrance. The custom cast-metal body gives the object a luxurious and satisfying weight whilst the opening at the top allows the light from the candle to emit a soft, warm glow. 

Made up of three components, Abloh is multifunctional, doubling as a jewellery holder, display dish, or reed diffuser. Abloh comes highly polished but will develop a natural patina as it oxidises. We believe that this enhances the beauty of the product as it is the nature of the material. If you do not want your product to have a patina finish, you may use a metal polish. 

Size :  Overall 100mm x 100mm / Lid 100mm x 10mm