1957 Oil

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Glamour, innovation and surprises: exactly what you can expect from Markian.

The premier fragrance in our aromatique range, 1957 is a rich and refreshing fragrant oil.

What a year – Russia launches Sputnik, starting the space race, Brigitte Bardot and Elvis Presley are iconic, Coca Cola costs 5 cents and Fielding alongside Chavannes accidentally invent bubble wrap. Glamour, progress and unexpected surprises. Mark’s year, a good year. The type of year worthy of a scent. 1957.

Exactly what you expect from Markian.

This intricate fragrance has top notes of Australian Blue Gum, Pomello, and Diva Cucumber, a heart of French Lavender, Sagebrush and Amber. It is rounded with a heavy base of Palo Santo, Sorghum, Sandalwood and Balsam of Peru

Packaged in a beautiful 100% Miron glass bottle, 1957 is the perfect, luxurious finish to your curated space. Add 1957 to your favourite oil burner or diffuser and allow the fragrance to relax and refresh your senses.