French-South African born Roz is the perfect mix of left and right brain. Starting her career in Law, she moved quickly into the luxury travel arena and language acquisition training, this led to the move to Australia and her long-suppressed passion for design. Roz, while studying at Torrens University, immersed herself in all things design and found herself the state chair of the Design Institute of Australia, leading her to cross paths with her now partner Chris. Together with Chris, she launched Unlmtd Agency, a multidisciplinary design agency located in the heart of Brisbane, Australia. Unlmtd created interiors, furniture, products and pushed the boundaries of creativity and technology. It was during this time, Roz entered the Andreu World International Design contest, and her success there with the inspiration that became the Ray table, lit the spark that is now Markian. Roz brings the design inspiration, the classic elegance and surprising contradiction that is the Markian essence.


  • BA (Law) Eng (Honns), South Africa
  • CELTA, United Kingdom
  • BA (Commercial Interior Design), Australia
  • Design Institute of Australia State Chair - QLD
  • Unlmtd Agency Co-Founder
  • Andreu World International Design Contest 2018 Winners



Chris McKenzie is a design entrepreneur. As the youngest Australian registered Art Consultant, Chris has years of experience in the fine art and commercial art consulting game. Chris has curated for diverse customers including art collections for brands like the One and Only and the Sofitel. An entrepreneur at heart, Chris merged his two careers into one blurring the lines between art gallery and graphic design. He met Roz through his involvement with the Design Institute of Australia and together they launched Unlmtd Agency. From their studio in Brisbane, Unlmtd work ranged from design, to furniture to art, and their work followed a consistent conceptual path; relationship, task and legacy. In 2020, ever the entrepreneur,  Chris launched That Art Store, an online art gallery curated by a collective of designers, offering affordable luxury art prints and other objects of beauty. With stellar taste and a powerful work ethic, Chris has been shifting the paradigms of artists and designers about what’s possible with art in the commercial arena. He brings this passion, this paradigm challenging view, his deep artistic understanding to the Markian essence.


  • BA (Digital Media/Fine Art)
  • Unlmtd Agency Co-Founder
  • That Art Store Co-Founder
  • Youngest Australian Registered Art Consultant (Art Consulting Association of Australia)