Andrew Barrett

Andrew lives by the motto, ‘enjoy what you do’, and the nature of his work makes it possible to do so. For twenty-one years has worked consistently in the Barrett Group with an inclusive approach to all projects, working tirelessly to create his clients desired vision and explore untapped opportunities. 

The diversity of the projects keep every day interesting and his skill set exceptionally diverse; the one week may involve fitting a medical suite, while the next is focused on high-end joinery. The real highlight for Andrew is when clients understand the skills his team brings to their projects and invite them to be part of their grand opening plans. This inclusion has been the case with several clients including Strike Bowling Bars and their affiliated brands, as well as David Jones’ Disney Level at QE2 in Sydney.

Markian is an intuitive and consummate expansion of bespoke interior fit-outs and another beautiful offering in the Barrett group quiver. Andrew brings this versatility, eye for excellence and deep enjoyment for life and work to the Markian essence.

  • Bachelor of Business (Management)
  • Cert 4 In Contract Management
  • Cert 4 in Building and Construction
  • Co-Director of Barrett Group
  • Interior Fit-Out Association QLD President

Justin Barrett

With more than twenty years of hands-on experience and a solid team to rely on in the Barrett Group, Justin confidently lives by the motto ‘everything will be ok’.

Justin takes a relationship-based approach to every project, where the aim is to create a lasting positive experience for clients rather than a simple sales transaction. Maintaining those values is easy when you have a team that treats each other like family. Job titles don’t get in the way of the work that needs to be done when leadership sets the example on a day-to-day basis. No matter what needs to get done, Justin prioritizes supporting his team in a practical way. 

Markian, the new beautiful offering in the Barrett group quiver, benefits from this exceptional leadership and experience. Justin brings this relational approach and people-first emphasis on the Markian essence.

  • Assoc Diploma of Business Accounting
  • JP Qual
  • Co-Director of Barrett Group