A joint venture between two families, the Markian Legacy is inspired by and built on the shoulders of our fathers. The name itself embodying the inspiration, Mark and Ian. The legacy, whose core is relationships, carries true craft, professional excellence and relational authenticity that extends into every connection, our team, our customers, our suppliers, our natural environment. 

This legacy is woven into every piece crafted with the Markian name. Durability. Sustainability. Enduring design. 

Markian crafts quality bespoke furniture, luxurious interior objects, rugs and fine art to reflect what really matters to you. Excellence, innovation and a home that exudes comfort and style.

The Markian soul has a passionate love for craft, excellence and relationship. A remarkable and contrarian soul. A soul that values excellence and quality, innovation and luxury. A soul that values relationships.  

Your furniture should last as long as your legacy. We don’t compromise on production methods or the cost of raw materials when it comes to producing a quality product. We also don’t believe it should cost the earth. 

Australian made and manufactured, at Markian we work to shape and uphold the sustainable product standard. We pair our innovation and industry knowledge with the latest in research, development and technological advancements. As signatories of the UN Global Compact and with pending Environmental Certification, Markian strives to uphold sustainable and ethical practices in every part of their business. 

Markian pieces mean style, excellence and innovation. 

Markian pieces mean a bold, understated, timeless legacy. 

Remarkable, markedly different and contrarian, Markian.

The Founders

Markian craft quality bespoke furniture and luxurious interior objects and fine art homewares to reflect what really matters to you. Excellence, innovation and a home that exudes comfort and style. The team that brings you this incredible offering is as remarkable, diverse and surprising as their range. 

Markian brings together two families with over 50 years of combined experience in the commercial interior space. Brothers Andrew and Justin Barrett, and partners Roz de Waal and Christopher McKenzie are the leadership team behind Markian. 

Logistics & Commercial

Andrew and Justin Barrett lead the Barrett Group, an interior fit-out and bespoke joinery manufacturer delivering high-quality interiors nationally. Founded by their father Ian in Australia 1983, the Barrett Group has developed an enviable reputation for producing top-quality, innovative fit-out solutions across the retail, commercial and hospitality industries.

Creative & Design

The creative team are art and design duo Roz de Waal and Christopher McKenzie who’s shared love of both brought them together. Roz is Markian's designer and creative lead for all things spaces, furniture, objects, and rugs. Chris is the designer of all graphics, web, and branding. Their joint vision brings Markian its unique sensibility and fun.

The Markian team bring you style, excellence and innovation.

The Markian team bring you a bold, understated, timeless legacy.