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Tretford Rugs by Markian are handcrafted and manufactured in Brisbane, Australia by joining colours from the Tretford ROLL carpet to create custom pieces. 

Tretford carpet has exceptionally clean, elegant lines due to its unique construction using cashmere goat hair. 

The natural properties of Tretford Rugs actively reduce airborne dust and allergens, promote energy-saving, and facilitate excellent indoor acoustics. 

From the company’s foundation in the mid-1950s, Tretford’s focus has been utilising natural and renewable resources – which in today’s terminology means  using sustainable raw materials. 

Produced in Germany and Ireland for over 50 years, Tretford carpets positively contribute to healthy living and working environments. This is largely due to its unique feature, Cashmere goat hair from the highlands of Inner and Outer Mongolia. 

Tretford Roll & INTERLIFE Tile largely consist of this long top hair of the Cashmere goat, and also other renewable and recycled raw materials, for example, jute in Roll format, and 80% recycled polyester felt in INTERLIFE tile backing. 

This unique construction – with its distinctive structural corded look and proven quality – has established Tretford as a much-loved brand around the world.

The Tretford Rugs by Markian range is an extension of the range motif and carries with it the playfulness of colour combinations, the stark graphic delineations that separate but join and the shapes that combine it all together.