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An Australian-born artist of Chinese descent, Jessi Wong is inspired by the natural landscape, the earth, and the sky.

Wong’s works are a contemporary interpretation of traditional Chinese scroll paintings incorporating printmaking and paper installation. The softness of the paper is highlighted with the box and acrylic framing, creating a sense of preciousness suitably attributed to the natural world. 

“When I try to print an edition of ten, I may only have three or four that are perfect. I’m actually quite a terrible printer in that traditional sense, but I am getting better. There are still so many accidents along the way but somehow, that works with all the scrolls. The way in which I print is evocative of the natural environment because nothing is ever perfect, but it all has its own beauty.

“I tear up paper to use as stencils to block out or define colours: it is all uncontrolled and random, so you never know what you’re going to get until the rolls are secured. Few things are made with intention, just possibilities.” 

Wong completed her Master of Fine Art (coursework) in printmaking at RMIT and has exhibited nationwide and internationally. Jessi has been shortlisted for several award exhibitions including the Silkcut Award, Fremantle Print Award, Burnie Print Prize, and the Swan Hill Print and Drawing Acquisitive Prize.