Ray High

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Stylish, functional and joyful: exactly what you can expect from Markian.

Ray High has the exquisite delicacy of the Vieira shell and the glamour of the best party host you know. Half the table round fans out into perfect semi-circles, with delicate fluted edges.

Ray High's top pivots 360 degrees for more table space and opens up to reveal a removable ice bucket that can hold three bottles of champagne, or four bottles of wine, or a case of beer. The Marblo by Markian table centre can house an optional battery-powered light to cast ambient light over your drinks and nibbles.
Ray High does the hosting for you, so you can relax and enjoy what really matters - your people.

Customise Ray High to suit your space with your choice of Markian's nine colourways, designed to delight your senses and enliven your space.



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