Aspirations of Success

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The Materialisms’ are a large scale photographic montage series of archival printed editions. Sourcing imagery from commercial/social media and the artists’ own selection of objects, this series of colour pictures imagines a pictorial space where these polished consumer products and decrepit historical fragments are crushed into compositional conformity. Investigating the idealised notions of masculine identity, ‘The Materialisms’ contrasts the hyper polished with the historical fragmentpresenting icons that signify both prestige and the inevitability of deterioration. Forming a dialogue that explores how materialist desires might inform male identity and how such influences may fragment or even erode ones perception of self. The objects and ideas we worship today eventually become the relics we study tomorrow; worn down, broken and fragmented, Sheen and veneer eventually wears thin. If materialism is the religion of the day, then the images we make of ourselves become the fragmented Idols we worship.


Medium: Charcoal on paper

Framed Size : 750mm x 1140mm

Year Completed: 2019

Artist: Roman Longginou