About this event

Our senses do not work in isolation but in concert.

Few experiences have the ability to punctuate the monotony of life than those that maximize all five senses. A network of synaptic connections produces a coherent impression of reality, forming rich memories that feel all-encompassing when recalled years down the line.

A sound is not just noise. A flavour isn’t just something you taste. Texture is more than what you touch.

Reality is a symphony of senses.

Join us at the Markian showroom for an evening of surprise and delight this late spring when the Jacarandas are in bloom and their flowers have covered the neighbourhood in purple snow. Commencing shortly after sundown, Wine Valet and BASIK Chocolates will facilitate a curated multisensory experience with an opportunity to acquire a physical memento of the evening.


Thu, October 28, 2021



A joint venture between two families, the Markian Legacy is inspired by and built on the shoulders of our fathers. The legacy, whose core is relationships, carries true craft, professional excellence, and relational authenticity that extends into every connection, our team, our customers, our suppliers, and our natural environment. Markian crafts quality bespoke furniture, luxurious interior objects, rugs, and fine art to reflect what really matters to you.


BASIK Chocolates

BASIK Chocolates believes that everyone should be able to experience a culinary foodgasm. Humans are curious creatures, we get as much satisfaction from the memory of eating food as we do through taste. BASIK unlocks those distant memories and brings an entirely new experience unlike anything before.


Wine Valet

What one person loves about a wine may be completely different from the next. Recognising that everyone has different taste profiles, Wine Valet has developed a WineDNA™️ system, with the aid of top wine experts and tech gurus. Experience the pairing of Wine Valet and BASIK Chocolates in the Markian space in a world-first pairing.

July 06, 2022 — Chris McKenzie