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Sometimes we’re fooled into thinking that life is about the big moments – weddings, birthdays, births, deaths. As momentous and life-changing as these events can be, they are rare, sharp accents in the fabric of our everyday life. The mundane is where we really live. Our daily commute to work, doing the dishes, hanging out the washing… we move through these tasks on autopilot. The problem with this is that the more familiar a thing becomes, the less it is seen. The brain has employed this clever little technique to reduce cognitive load and free up mental capacity, but we’ve started to fill this free brain space with mindless scrolling. Every day feels like Groundhog Day, and we begin to rely on and seek out the new and the exciting. We forget that life is still happening in the in-between.

Our life isn’t a highlight reel. Start paying attention to the trivial. Embrace the joy of discovery, find beauty in the overlooked. A sooty smudge on a well-worn concrete building, a tree that’s dropped its flowers, saturating the sidewalk in red. It’s easy to see the poetry of the mundane, it just takes some practice. Something magical happens when we connect our inner and outer worlds. Suddenly, that smudge feels like the kiss our lover left on our cheek in the morning, the flowers akin to a towel dropped on the ground after our shower. Everything feels connected. The ambling rhythm of life no longer conjures feelings of restlessness, but of contentedness.

This is the power of art.

It is not a distraction, nor a privilege.

It is life itself.


Date and time


 Thu, March 31, 2022

6:00 PM – 8:00 PM AEST




730 Brunswick Street

New Farm, QLD 4005

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Caroline Collom

Caroline Collom is a British artist but shares her time between the UK and Australia. She is currently based in Sydney, Australia. Caroline Collom started her art education at Wimbledon College of Art, UAL and then went on to do her Bachelor of Fine Arts at the Victorian College of Arts, University of Melbourne and graduated in 2014. Collom spent the second year of her degree at Massachusetts College of Art, Boston, the experience being instrumental in the development of her painting style.


A joint venture between two families, the Markian Legacy is inspired by and built on the shoulders of our fathers. The legacy, whose core is relationships, carries true craft, professional excellence, and relational authenticity that extends into every connection, our team, our customers, our suppliers, and our natural environment. Markian crafts quality bespoke furniture, luxurious interior objects, rugs, and fine art to reflect what really matters to you.

March 24, 2022 — Anyssa Chorvat