It was such a rewarding experience to open the Duality exhibition last Tuesday in our New Farm showroom. Thank you to everyone who came! It is thrilling to be able to showcase the breadth of talent we have in Australia.

From the artists:


Everything about our Art and practice embodies duality. As artists we are informed by the duality of place; our South African roots, as well as our new experiences in Australia, shape our perceptions. The dual influences of both the fields of Architecture and Art are predominantly evident in our work. Even our dynamic as husband and wife comes into play.

Our artworks are manifestations of opposing concepts; precision versus imperfection, pure geometric shape versus hand-made texture, static solidity versus rhythmic flow, monochromatic versus analogous colour schemes.

Yet these forces are not just opposites, they are complimentary. They do not cancel out each other, they balance each other. They are conceptually distinct, but they are also interdependent. The one cannot exist without the other. Both are needed to create a unified totality.

A special thanks goes to the artists themselves, Thomas & Sureen Gouws, who flew in from Melbourne as well as the South African High Commissioner Marthinus van Schalkwyk, HE Mr. who graced us with his attendance.

All works are now online, and available for viewing in the showroom. We should note that in the coming weeks our showroom will be moving to an appointment-only based system. Via the Calendly link below you will be able to book a design consult with our team between Monday to Friday.

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July 07, 2022 — Markian Admin