Roman Longginou

B. 1995, Brisbane, Queensland

Lives and works in Brisbane, Australia.

Roman Longginou is an emerging contemporary visual artist. His predominant use of charcoal, coupled with an affinity for the pictorial, has formed the base of practice interested in the prevalence of materialism and idealised notions of masculine identity. Investigating the role “image” plays in contemporary culture and how it informs our perception of self.

Longginou's pictorial-based practice further highlights the constructed nature of these social narratives through the appropriation of images drawn from journals, films, social media and magazines. It’s within this space that the work finds context, representing a subjective exploration into the artist's own materialist desires, contrasted against the spiritual bankruptcy that follows from devotion to these pursuits. Longginou's work aims to critique a cultural current which perceives the drive towards material acquisition as a hollowed means of forming an identity.

Roman Longginou is a graduate student from the Queensland University of Technology, having completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Visual Art) and a post-graduate Honours program (2016). Since graduating he has taken part in several solo-exhibitions with work exhibited nationally and featured in various news publications. He was a finalist in the Fisher’s Ghost Art Award, Campbelltown Arts Centre, Campbelltown and Stanthorpe Art Prize, Stanthorpe Regional Art Gallery, Stanthorpe. His works are held in private collections throughout Australia.



April 29, 2021 — Chris McKenzie